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1 pcs/lot 12W LED PCB 78mm for 12pcs LEDs, aluminum plate base ,



This product was added to our catalog on Monday 18 July, 2022.





High-power LED 12w/12*1w widely used in general illumination, contour LED lights, garden LED lights, ceiling LED lights, decorative LED lights, architectural LED lighting, LED street lamps and so on.

(A) LED welding conditions

(1) soldering iron: the tip of the soldering iron (up to 30W) temperature does not exceed 300; necessary grounding soldering iron, Electrostatic notsuper range; welding time is not more than 3 seconds; welding position of at least 3 mm from the gel.

(2) The dip soldering: the dip soldering maximum temperature of 260; the dip soldering time is not more than 5 seconds; dip soldering position of atleast 3 mm from the gel.

(B) pin forming method

(1) must be 2 mm from the gel to bend bracket.

(2) The stent fixture or done by professionals.

(3) The stent must be completed before welding.

(4) stent is the need to ensure the pin and spacing consistent with the circuit board.

(C) LED installation method

(1) Note that the perimeter of the arrangement of the various types of devices to prevent wrong polarity. Devices not to get too close to the heating element, and working conditions do not exceed the limits of its provisions.

(2) Be sure not to install pin deformation LED.

(3) When decided to calculate a good face and circuit board Pitch dimensions and tolerances in order to avoid the bracket by excessive pressure inthe hole installed.

(4) Install LED, it is recommended to use the guide sleeve positioning.

(5) before the return to the normal soldering temperature must be avoided to make the LED be any vibration or external force.

(D) Cleaning

When chemical cleaning colloidal must be especially careful, because some chemicals on the colloid surface damage and cause discoloration such as trichlorethylene, acetone. Available ethanol wipe, dipping time of not more than three minutes at room temperature.